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Maluku Province is one of two provinces in Maluku Island, formerly called the Spice Island. 90% of Maluku Island is water, which flows over one of the world’s most active volcanic belt. There are over 1,000 islands in the province but most of which are uninhabited. The capital of Maluku Province is Ambon which is the main city and seaport in a small Ambon Island.

The history of Maluku starts when the Portuguese reached Maluku in 1511. However in 1599 the Dutch colonized the region. It is once known as the Mollucas, the famed Spice Islands, that were once fought over by Indian, Arab, Chinese and later European traders. Maluku Province is blessed with fabulous sea gardens, idyllic, tropical beaches and spectacular landscapes rich with an enormous variety of endemic plant and animal species.

Major tourist attractions in Maluku:

  • Siwa Lima Museum, local arts and crafts museum
  • The ANZAC War Cemetery, the Allied soldiers cemetery who died in the region during World War II
  • Waiselaka Pond, clear crystal water inhabited by holy eel
  • Banda island, famous Maluku sea gardens consist of 3 large islands and seven smaller islands
  • Mount Api, bare land and highly volcanic
  • Seram Island, the largest island in Maluku region

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