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It is 4:15 pm. You have just finished exploring the local market and decide to have a relaxing time under the fading sun. You take out your beach towel as you listen to the sound …

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The Beaches in Indonesia

Submitted by Agustian Hermanto on January 16, 2010 – 8:58 pm Comments

It is 4:15 pm. You have just finished exploring the local market and decide to have a relaxing time under the fading sun. You take out your beach towel as you listen to the sound of waves breaking against the beach. You lay down and you feel the gentle late afternoon breeze.

Time flies and without you knowing, your local concierge brings you a fresh young coconut. You sip into the coconut shell and look at the reddish sky. And you say to yourself “Life is Good!”

There are over 54,000 km of coastline in Indonesia and there are plenty of beaches you can find to have just that relaxing experience. Here is a list of a few best Indonesian beaches:

  • Gapang Beach, Pulau Weh

    This is one of the places that is not easily accessible. Only a couple thousand visitors visit Pulau Weh each year and this number is growing. Here, the beach is surrounded by large overhanging trees. There’s plenty of room under the shade for you to lay down.

    Gapang Beach

    Image Credit
  • Awera Island, Mentawai Islands

    Surrounded by tropical rainforest and coral reefs, Awera Island is truly a heaven on earth. It is located 15 minutes boat ride from the main port in the Mentawai Islands. White sand beach dominates Awera Island and a 20 minutes boat ride will take you to an amazing coral reefs dive spot.

    Image Credit
  • Nikoi Island, Bintan

    Remains in its pristine condition; Nikoi Island is relatively easy to reach. It strives as an eco-friendly holiday destination. White sandy beach, colorful coral reefs and bird paradise are just some of the attractions in Nikoi Island.

    Image Credit
  • Parai Beach, Bangka

    This is the most popular beach on the island. Parai beach is offered exclusively to the Parai Beach Resort and Spa guests. Its crescent bay like beach is perfect for just chilling under the sun.

    Image Credit
  • White Sand Beach, Bandar Lampung

    As the name describes, White Sand Beach gives you no other than white sand beach. It is located 20 km from the city of Bandar Lampung.

    Image Credit
  • Anyer Beach, Banten

    Facing Anak Krakatau, Anyer Beach thrives as a popular holiday destination among the locals. Resorts are usually fully booked during the high season and getting there might be a frustrating experience due to high traffic jam in certain areas.

    Image Credit
  • Peucang Island Beach, Ujung Kulon

    Located at the most Western part of Java, Peucang Island Beach offers calm clear blue water and white sand. Take a quick boat ride to a small uninhabited, reef-lined island – Badul Island for your Robinson Crusou experience.

    Image Credit
  • Pangandaran Beach, West Java

    Facing the South Sea of java, Pangandaran Beach has a long story of mysticism. Dine at the nearby local seafood places or just relax at the beach. It’s your choice.

    Image Credit
  • Krakal Beach, Yogyakarta

    A white sand beach stretching for about 5 km, Krakal beach is the longest beach in the Tanjungsari district.

    Image Credit
  • Kei Island, Maluku

    A solitary beach offer located in the Maluku region, Kei Island is considered to be the best beach in Indonesia. Dwell yourself in a peaceful beach walk or go to mingle with the locals.

    Image Credit

There are still many regions in Indonesia offer great beaches. Some are more of a popular tourist destination and some are just hidden and waiting for you to discover.

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  • Salim Kho @ Avalon Bali Villa

    Wow - Awera island is the stuff of dreams for sure!

    I'm certain most people could enjoy a couple of hours with their feet up relaxing there.

  • villa holiday spain

    Indonesia's beaches are famous for surfing. Well known surfing region of Indonesia is G-Land in the Bay of Grajagan. It can also be witnessed beautiful sunsets.

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    Indonesia is currently taking part in the Golden Dolphin international marine tourism exhibition in Moscow, Russia, in efforts to promote the tourism value of Indonesia's seas and beaches. “In future I hope more entrepreneurs from various areas [in ...

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