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It is 4:15 pm. You have just finished exploring the local market and decide to have a relaxing time under the fading sun. You take out your beach towel as you listen to the sound …

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Out of the 17,508 islands in Indonesia, only about 6000 are inhibited.

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There are 300 distinct native ethnicities in Indonesia with 742 languages and dialect.

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The Best Holiday Destination in Asia 2009

Submitted by Agustian Hermanto on November 5, 2009 – 2:14 pm Comments

A well known online travel magazine – Smart Travel Asia – has just finished their “2009 Best in Travel Pool.”

And The Best Holiday Destination in Asia 2009 goes to Bali – The Island of Gods

Here is a report from Smart Travel Asia:

Ranked first as the Best Holiday Destination in Asia with 24 percent of the vote (compared with 14 percent in 2008) is the other worldly “Island of the Gods”, Bali, Indonesia. The island ranked first on our poll in 2006 and 2007 too. Bali has retained its disarmingly honest and simple charm. It remains a peaceful ritual-minded Hindu enclave in a bustling Muslim country. Above all, despite the burgeoning ranks of the t-shirt vendors and temple touts, Bali still retains a great deal of authenticity.

Not only Bali won the Best Holiday Destination in Asia 2009, it also ranked first in 2006 and 2007. What’s more exciting is Bali ranked 7 in “Top 10 Cities for Shopping” and there are more than 15 hotels in Bali ranked high for “Best Leisure Hotels & Resort” and “Best Spa Hotel” in Asia. You can read the full post at Smart Travel Asia

Well, I guess you’re missing out if you have never visited Bali.

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  • Mike Dove

    Asia is beautiful continental. there are lots for beautiful holiday destination. I never visited there but I want to visit there one day...I wanted to say thanks for this nice blog over Asia
    villa spain

  • Cathrine

    Thanks Augustian, these are some great tips...I'm flying into Thailand first and spending a month there and then off to Indonesia.

  • Your welcome Cathrine. Hope you have a great trip!

  • Hi Catherine,
    Great to hear that!
    Are you going to be flying in to Bali first?
    In Bali, make sure you go and visit Lovina beach. Here you can see and have a close encounters with dolphins. Even though, it's not always guaranteed you can see the dolphins, a snorkeling trip here is also amazing. I just went there this summer and had a blast staying in Lovina beach.

    Also, go to Ubud and take a biking tour down Mount Kintamani. If you're lucky, you can see "Ngaben" ceremony when you pass through the local villages. Dreamland is another serene beach you can visit. It's not as crowded as Kuta and it's actually a really nice place to stay.
    The list goes on and on actually. There are Jimbaran beach, Nusa Penida island, and numerous temples to visit.

    Outside Bali, my suggestion is to visit Lombok and Gili Islands (due to their proximity from Bali), Komodo Islands, Bunaken Marine Park (One of the best diving and snorkeling spot in the world), and South Sulawesi (the land of Toraja and Trans Kalla theme park - the biggest indoor theme park in the world).

    I hope this assists you in any way for your travel and I wish you all the best!
    Have fun Cathrine..

    You can actually email me at hermanto@turisku.com if you want more information and I'd be happy to help :)

  • Cathrine Juneau

    I will be travelling Indonesia in Jan/2010 for most of the month and I can't wait to get to Bali. Any suggestions on which areas to see for the most impact in 1 month. I would like to get any suggestions also on the islands outside of Bali to see.
    thanks, Cathrine

  • Henry Lowis

    Love to go back to Bali someday.....miss the people, the culture & the food....not to mention, the world's best sunset at Kuta Beach.....people just stopped driving, get out of their cars & enjoy the experience.

  • Indonesia is definitely more than Bali. It is Turisku.com commitment to showcase hidden gem places in Indonesia so that Bali isn't the only place that makes The Best Holiday Destination in Asia 2010!

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