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West Sumatra

The province of West Sumatra is the birthplace of “Padang” cuisine, which is very popular all across Indonesia. Your Indonesian trip will not be complete without a visit to a Padang-style restaurant, famous for its spiciness and its special serving method.

The majority of West Sumatrans are Minangkabau people, an ethnic group which has lived there for many centuries. A more traditional ethnic group, Mentawai, lives in Mentawai Islands, which are popular with international surfers. Padang, literally translated as Field, is the province’s capital & largest city. To immerse in the Minangkabau culture, be sure to also visit Bukittinggi, located 90 km from Padang.

Major tourist attractions in West Sumatra:

  • Mentawai Islands
  • Pagaruyung Palace, Batusangkar
  • Jam Gadang, a clocktower in Bukittinggi
  • Lake Maninjau
  • Lake Singkarak
  • Gunung Merapi
  • Air Manih Beach

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