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Jambi Province is located on the east coast of Sumatra. The capital city of this province is Jambi city. Jambi was known as the base site of Sriwijaya Kingdom that engaged in trading in the Strait in Malacca before Indonesia was colonized by the Dutch.

Jambi Province is one of the smallest provinces in Indonesia. However it is rich with multicultural diversity. There are lots of unique dishes such as Nasi gemuk (Gemuk Rice), Tempoyak and Srikaya Muso cake. Jambi has beautiful nature sceneries since it’s surrounded by forests. One of the most popular hobbies or activities for the local people is hunting.

Major tourist attractions in Jambi:

  • Batanghari River, the longest river in Sumatra Island
  • Muara Jambi Tample, the biggest archeological complex on Sumatra with 1,500 hectares
  • Danau Kerinci
  • Museum Negeri Jambi
  • Kerinci National Park, the largest national park in Sumatra
  • Mount Kerinci, the highest mount in Indonesia outside the Papua region.

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