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The Province of Bangka Belitung is located just off the south-eastern coast of Sumatra. It consists of two main islands, Bangka and Belitung (Billiton) and several smaller ones. The province’s capital, Pangkal Pinang, is located in the island of Bangka.

Bangka Belitung province was formerly part of South Sumatra, but become a separate province in 2000. The main attraction of these islands are the lovely, long, clean and tout-free beaches, with crystal clear and surprisingly calm turquoise blue seawater. It is fantastic for swimming, diving, snorkeling and sun bathing. The sand is very fine, clean and brilliant white.

Major tourist attractions in Bangka Belitung:

  • Matras beach, the most beautiful beach in Bangka Island.
  • Parai Tenggiri beach, One of Bangka beautiful beaches.
  • Penyusuk beach
  • Remodong beach
  • Pemail Open Tin Pin Mine, an unusual and splendid view from the top of a mountain in the mining area
  • Pemali Hot Spring, naturally created pool from the underground hot springs
  • Mount Menubung
  • Mentok Tin Smelter, built in March 1963 by a German Company “Klockner Industrie Anlagen”
  • Tanjung Kelian Old Lighthouse built in 1836 and located 9km away from Muntok district.

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