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Daerah Istimewa (Special Territory) Aceh is located on the Northern tip of Sumatra, where Islam is believed to have entered Southeast Asia. Up until today, Islam plays a significant part of Acehnese’s daily lives. The capital of Aceh is “Banda Aceh”, which can be roughly translated to Port of Aceh.

In December 2004, tsunamis generated by the infamous Indian Ocean earthquake devastated most of Banda Aceh. However, rebuilding efforts from the Indonesian Government & various NGO’s are slowly transforming the city back to its former glory.

Major tourist attractions in Banda Aceh:

  • Grand Mosque Baiturrahman, a majestic place of worship
  • Aceh Tsunami Museum & various Tsunami monuments in the city
  • Gunongan, a hill-shaped building built by Sultan Iskandar Muda for his wife, Princess Pahang
  • Putroe Phang Park, a beautiful park also built by the Sultan for his wife
  • Lampuuk Beach
  • Dutch Cemetery Kerkhoff
  • Sabang Island, an excellent spot for deep sea adventures

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