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West Sulawesi

Formerly part of the South Sulawesi, the province West Sulawesi was created in 2004 with Mamuju as its capital. Its economy consists mainly of mining, agriculture and fishing.

As in most of Sulawesi, the seafood in Mamuju will satisfy any connoisseur. Flying fish eggs are considered a delicacy and be grateful if you are offered some because it is quite pricey and usually served only during special occasions.

Major tourist attractions in West Sulawesi:

  • Karampuang Island, white sanded marine paradise
  • Banoa Sibatang, a Kalumpang traditional house in Mamuju
  • Custom House of Mamuju, a royal building complex
  • Cemetery Complex of King and Royal Family, overlooking Mamuju city
  • Sandeq Race in Majeneis, an annual traditional Mandard boat race from Mamuju to Makassar
  • Tamasapi Waterfall, a breathtaking 70-m waterfall

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