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North Sulawesi

The province is located at the northern of Sulawesi Island which is the border between Indonesia and Philippines. North Sulawesi is famous for Bunaken Marina Park which is one of the highest levels of marine diversity in the world. Bunake Marina Park is only 30 minutes away by boat from the capital city, Manado.

The North Sulawesi region is predominantly Christian (70%) with Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist minorities. The people of North Sulawesi can be classified into four groups; Minahasa, Bolaang Mongondow, Gorontalo and the SangirTalaud. The largest ethnic group is Minahasan, which speak Minahasa language and Mando Malay.

Major tourist attractions in North Sulawesi:

  • Bunaken National Park, top dive sites in the world
  • The Tomb of Imam Bonjol, A Minangkabau traditional architecture in memory of Imam Bonjol, Indonesia Hero in “Padri War”
  • Mount Lokon and Mawahu, both have very beautiful cauldron
  • Linow Lake, a small lake with high sulphur ingredients
  • Bentanan Beach
  • Ranopaso Hotsprings
  • Batu Nono Tourism Object
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