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Gorontalo is one of Indonesia’s newest provinces, which split from North Sulawesi in 2000. The province lies on the Northern arm of Sulawesi which is called the Minahasa Peninsula. The capital of the province is also called Gorontalo.

An interesting historical fact about Gorontalo is that 3 years before Soekarno declared Indonesia’s independence; a local hero named Nani Wartabone did it first for Gorontalo. Unfortunately, it was short-lived due to the Japanese invasion in February 1942.

Major tourist attractions in Gorontalo:

  • Otanaha Fortress, past residence of Gorontalo kings
  • Nani Wartabone monument, a local hero who played an important role in Gorontalo’s independence
  • Bajo’s Tribe Villages, where the traditional ways of the Bajo’s is still intact up to this day
  • Sacred Cemetery of Ju Panggola, a 14th century Muslim cemetery
  • Olele Village, the gateway to an underwater paradise for divers
  • Baiturrahim Mosque, the old mosque of Gorontalo City
  • Limboto Lake, a beautiful natural attraction
  • Lombongo Pool, hot springs getaway

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