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Central Sulawesi, located in the heart of Sulawesi Island, is a beautiful region with its mountain, lakes and valleys. The region is sixty percent covered by forests; with over 90 percent of the income is generated from the exports of wood. The province capital is Palu that sits on the mouth of Palu River.

Before under the Netherlands colonization, Central Sulawesi Province Region is a Kingdom government, which consist of 15 (Fifteen) Empire under the kings leadership recognized in the history as The Seventh Kingdom in East and the Eight Kingdom in West.

Major tourist attractions in Central Sulawesi:

  • Poso, the city main port
  • Tentena, a village that surrounded of hilly that grew by clove crop
  • Togean Archipelago, beautiful rock islands
  • Togean Island, one of the island in Togean Archipelago
  • Batu Daka Island, the biggest island in Togean Archipelago
  • Bagai Archipelago, a perfect island to do various water activities and to see dugong or sea cow and whale
  • Walea Kodi Isaland, fisherman island

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