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West Papua or West New Guinea is the western half of the world’s second largest island, Papua Island. West Papua, the largest Indonesian province, is a hot and humid island rising from the sea with some of the most impenetrable jungles in the world. However it is also has snowcaps covering 5,000 meter High Mountain peaks, towering over glacier lakes. From its culture, West Papuans share many affinities with of Papua New Guinea (PNG) culture to the east. Manokwari is the capital of West Papua since 2003.

One of the popular tourist attractions in West Papua province is Raja Ampat Island, where most tourists find perfect hard corals with colorful reefs. Raja Ampat is the western island of Papua Island. The name of Raja Ampat based on the legend. This area had begun with 6 eggs that found by King Waikew in Waigeo Island. But from the 6 eggs, just 5 eggs had crack. The last was become an egg stone till now on. From the five eggs that had cracked, the 4 eggs was become men who become King of four big islands that is Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati and Misool. While the one egg became a woman, was washed away and stranded in Biak Island. That woman born a child named Gura Besi that known as the historical man of Raja Ampat.

Major tourist attractions in West Papua:

  • Raja Ampat Island, an area that consist of over 610 islands which have excellent dive sites
  • Four largest islands at Raja Ampat Regency:
    • Waigeo Island
    • Batanta Island
    • Salawati Island
    • Misool Island
  • Kasuarina cape, the big Casuarinas tree
  • Sorong Town, recreation and swimming place

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