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East Kalimantan is one of Indonesia’s richest provinces in terms of natural resources. Oil, timber, gold, coal, you name it. Although Samarinda is the capital city of East Kalimantan, Balikpapan acts as the gateway and industrial center of the province.

Historically, East Kalimantan is the location of the oldest Hindu Kingdom in Indonesia, Kutai Martadipura, which exists around 4th century BCE. In the early 13th century, the Islamic Sultanate of Kutai Kartanegara ing Martadipura was founded in the province, which was reinstated again in 2001 to preserve the Kutai culture.

Major tourist attractions in East Kalimantan:

  • Derawan Islands, a global biodiversity hotspot with 3 international diving resorts
  • Kayan Mentarang National Park, experience Kalimantan’s tropical forests inhabited with exotic animals
  • Teritip Crocodile Breeding in Balikpapan, culinary adventurers should try the crocodile satay
  • Pampang Kampung in Samarinda, a traditional Dayak village where you can immerse yourself in the Dayak culture
  • Beras Basah Island in Bontang
  • Batu Lamampu Beach in Nunukan
  • Deer Breeding in Penajam
  • Amal Beach in Tarakan city

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