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Central Kalimantan

Central Kalimantan is Indonesia’s third largest province and its size is approximately 1.5 times the size of Java. However, its estimated population is less than 2 million people. More than 80% of its land is still in pristine conditions, barely touched by humans & mostly covered by dense forest.

The province is dominated by the Dayaks, who are the original inhabitants of the island of Borneo. The three major Dayak tribes are the Ngaju, Ot Danum and Ma’anyan Ot Siang. As they managed to preserve their traditional culture intact, the Dayaks are an anthropologist’s delight.

Major tourist attractions in Central Kalimantan:

  • Regional Museum of Palangkaraya, contains a collection of cultural & historical artifacts from all regions of Central Kalimantan
  • Tanjung Putting National Park, where Camp Leakey is located; a wildlife reservce dedicated to Orangutans
  • Old Palace of Pangkalanbun, constructed solely with iron wood; launch pad to visit Tanjung Puting
  • Sebangau National Park, which is being developed as an ecotourism destination

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