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West Java is the most populous Indonesian province with more than 40 million residents with Sundanese making up the majority of its population. Thus, Sunda culture is a major draw for tourists coming to West Java. Their cultural heritage includes music (gamelan orchestra, bamboo ensembles, etc.), puppetry (Wayang Golek) & traditional dances (Jaipong & Merak).

As the capital of West Java, Bandung was originally developed as a resort city for Dutch plantation owners. Due to its European style city planning, the city was nicknamed Parijs van Java (Paris of Java). Since the opening of Cipularang toll road in 2005, weekend visitors from Jakarta have been flooding Bandung, either to relax or to shop at one of its many factory outlets.

Major tourist attractions in West Java:

  • Bandung factory outlets, famous for their unique but inexpensive fashion
  • Puncak Pass, a mountainous area blanketed with tea plantations
  • Mount Tangkuban Perahu, the location of the Legend of Sangkuriang
  • Pelabuhan Ratu Beach
  • Pangandaran Beach
  • Ciater hotsprings, ideal place to relax your body & mind
  • Whitewater rafting at Citarik River
  • Bogor Botanical Garden

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