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Central Java located exactly in the middle of Java Island. Central Java is the center of cultural, geographic, and historic heartland. Universities, dance schools, pottery, handicrafts, textiles and carving, give to the region a rich culture and an interesting shopping area.

Since the7th century, there were a lot of Kingdoms emerged in Central Java, from powerful Hindu and Buddhist Kingdoms between 8th and 10th century to the more recent Islamic kingdoms. There are numerous ancient monuments in Central Java, such as the biggest and most magnificent monument to Mahayana Buddhism in the world, Borobudur temple. You can also find the enormous Hindu temple of Prambanan which dedicated to Shiva and built by the rulers of the Sanjaya Dynasty as well as the Grand Mosque of Demak, which has said to be built in a single night by one of the nine early leaders of Islam in Java.

Major tourist attractions in Central Java:

  • Borobudur temple, the biggest Buddhist temple in the ninth century measuring 123 x 123 meters.
  • Prambanan temple, the biggest Hindu temple in Indonesia
  • Gedong Songo temple, a group of small 8th century Hindu Javanese temples
  • Baturaden, a classical highland country in the foot of Gunung Slamet volcano
  • The Grand Mosque of Demak
  • Jatijajar cave
  • Kraton Solo, royal house of Solo

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