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Banten is one of the young provinces in Indonesia. It is located at the western end of Java Island, an hour away from Jakarta. With Serang as its capital city, Banten is a small and charming province with lots of history.

Around 1600, Banten was Java’s most important port. It was the first port of call for Dutch vessels in the Indonesian archipelago. Banten was a wealthy town with an important market that attracted many traders from India, Persia and China.

Major tourist attractions in Banten:

  • Banten Kraton, the ruin of Banten Sultanate Palace. Burned and destroyed by Dutch in 1808.
  • Umang Island, A beautiful private owned resort island on the west of Pandeglang, Banten, near “Anak Krakatau” volcano.
  • Carita Beach.
  • Anyer Beach.
  • Dua Islands, a small nature preservation inhabited by some 50 kinds of fish-eating birds
  • Avalokiteshvara temple, the oldest Chinese temple in Banten.
  • Banten Grand Mosque, a five-layered roof and an eight-cornered minaret mosque.

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