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Java, the land of volcanoes and thousand years old monuments, is the most populous island in Indonesia. Its diverse attractions range from unspoiled tropical beaches to active volcanoes, from quaint villages to noisy and crowded cities.

Indulge your cultural curiosity by visiting Surakarta (knows as Solo) and Yogyakarta, the center of Javanese culture. Grand and elegant Javanese Keraton architecture guards priceless royal heirlooms and precious antiques, such as the Keris. You also should not miss a visit to Candi Borobudur, one of the ancient wonders of the world, and the beautiful Hindu temple complex of Candi Prambanan near Yogyakarta.

Java has always been the land that preserves cultures of the past and present!

Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, is located on the northwest coast of Java. The city is a bustling center of business that never stops growing. Cultural attractions, museums, shopping and nightlife are just a few of Jakarta’s attractions. Jakarta is hectic! But it is an exciting city!

Java is also increasingly known as a surfing destination because of its numerous beaches which have perfect high waves for surfing. Plengkung beach (G-land) and Pelabuhan Ratu are just a couple of popular surfing destinations in Java.

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Java has always been the land that preserves cultures of the past and present!
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