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Why Bali Handicraft?

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It’s a simple question for everyone because you can literally find billions of different handicrafts around the world. A statistics report from the Indonesian government reported that there were more than 500,000 variants of Bali handicrafts produced by big factories and small home industries.

Bali handicraft is very famous around the world due to their unique and classic art design. It is highly recommended as souvenirs for personal memories or as gifts to your families and friends. Some of these beautifully designed wood and stone carvings can be used as home decorations.

Why are there many variations of handicrafts from Bali?

The Balinese are surrounded by art throughout their lives. They make art out of the most basic necessities in their daily lives. However, artistic knowledge is not commissioned only to a special intellectual class, but is open to everyone at all levels. Painting, sculpture, carving and music have traditionally been the basic knowledge of men, while women channelled their creative energy into creating lavish offerings to the gods. In every festival, you can see spectacular pyramids of flowers, fruit, and cakes up to two meters high, constructed with such love and adoration that it could only be meant for a higher being. Balinese also decorated their cars, jackets, menus, motorcycles, hotel doorways and other objects with sacred symbols. It is incredible to see so many people in such a small area pour so much energy into creating beautiful things.

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Nowadays, souvenir-calibre wood carvings are highly sought after and successful creations are sometimes mass produced. Visitors to Bali are likely to be exposed to wood carvings in all forms, the traditional complex carved doors, the carved figures of gods, or the countless carved items in craft shops. You can find wood carving practiced all over Bali. Open your ears to the tapping sound of the carver’s mallet and you would know that it is around. It would be taxing to separate traditional and foreign influences. However, Balinese are intense observers of the outside world, effortlessly incorporating and adapting foreign themes into their work.

There are certain places in Bali where you can find lots of quality wood carving, such as Tegallalang, Pujung, and Sebatu, which is north of Ubud. These are great areas where you can meet lots of professional woodcarvers with their original arts. You also might be able to negotiate the price with the artists if you interested with their arts. Bali is the perfect place for tourists or other artists to learn handcrafting. There are wood carvings lessons in which you can learn to carve your own mask in about three weeks.

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To bring Bali handicrafts to the world, Turisku is coming with Online Store where you can find handicrafts original from Bali. There are wooden bracelets, necklace, key chains and other unique handicrafts. Subscribe to our RSS Feed to get notification of when Turisku.com store launch.

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