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Biking Down Mount Kintamani

Submitted by Agustian Hermanto on December 31, 2009 – 12:01 am Comments

Sun, Sand and Sea… are not the only things Bali has to offer.

One of the most remarkable and exhilirating experience I have visiting Bali was biking down Mount Kintamani where I pass local villages, gorgeous scenic mountain view and cool breeze of air. I remember biking as fast as I could downhill and feeling the gust of the wind blows the sweat from my face.

The trip started when a local guide picked us up from Aniniraka Spa & Resort in Ubud early in the morning as I was anxiously excited for the biking trip. And as it came to my surprise, we were actually joining a group of three Australian mates well in their 70s! You need to know that this is a biking trip down a mountain where we’ll be passing local villages and some rough roads. I thought to myself, “Wow they are up to some exciting adventure here.”

As I was getting acquainted with the Australians, I learnt that this was not the first time they have a biking trip in Bali. They prefer to stay in Ubud as it is more relaxing and not as crowded as the South Bali area (Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, etc).

When we arrived at the bike tour headquarter, I sprung out of the car seat and rushed to pick the best mountain bike they have. Apparently all the mountain bikes are in the same condition, which is an OK condition. They all have brakes and they are working just fine. I figure that’s the only thing needed for this trip so I wouldn’t bother much.

There were 2 guides going with us and we all went easy at first. However, 15 minutes after the trip had started; everyone is starting to pick up their pace and enjoying the gust of wind on their face.

During our whole trip, we were always greeted by children saying “hello hello” and one of the highlight of this trip is that we were fortunate enough to come across “Ngaben” – Balinese cremation ceremony. It is a full blown ceremony where the whole village gets involved and the ceremony can take up to a few days. The Balinese believe fire in the cremation ceremony is necessary to free the spirit from the body to enable reincarnation.

In the end, we had an amazing day exploring the different part of Bali and to have the opportunity to see “Ngaben”. I, personally, recommend you to try on Mount Kintamani biking tour the next time you visit Bali.

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