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Cultural Diversity

Imagine visiting a country with more than 300 distinct native ethnicities and 742 different languages and dialect. You are guaranteed to learn something new every single moment you are interacting with the locals.

Indonesia, composed of many islands, mountainous terrains and deep tropical jungle, is the place to visit to experience cultural diversity. From the Acehnese in Sumatra to Dani People in Western New Guinea, Indonesia’s diversity is never ending. Most of the tribes in Indonesia have had little contact with the outside world, thus preserving their traditional values. Even though the Javanese and Balinese have had considerable contact with the western culture, they, nevertheless, have managed to maintain their traditional cultures intact.

Indonesia is highly rich in cultural presentation of arts, dance, music and folklores. You are going to be amazed by the different crafts that are available in Indonesia to fulfill your arts craving. It doesn’t matter whether you are watching Wayang Kulit (shadow puppet) in Java, Lompat Batu in Nias or Tari Kecak in Bali; you are set to experience considerable cultural diversity in Indonesia that will surely make your jaw drops.

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